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About DBooking

One of the most important requirements for the development of the tourism industry is the adequacy of accommodation services. Travelers should be able to find suitable accommodation directly or through travel agencies. In the current IT growth, this has become even more important. Having information on booking accommodations is the trump card of any travel agency. On the other hand, if accommodations are not able to make their room Inventory information, available to a wider range of customers, their room occupancy rate will decrease. Providing a service that connects these two sides of the tourism industry will create good value added. nowadays, various companies offer these services internationally. At the same time, smaller companies have sprung up in each country, extending the chain of services and facilitating the access of domestic agencies and hotels to international networks. DBooking Company has entered this field with the aim of creating a service that does not have a domestic similar. On one hand, this company intends to connect all domestic hotels to its central core, and on the other hand, by producing services to travel agencies, it will allow them to access this large quantity of hotels, offering desirable services to Tourists. DBooking strategy is the use of all-online communication solutions that are urgently needed in the current tourism environment of the country. By using this solution, human resource is minimized, which increases the accuracy and speed. Accordingly, DBooking planning began in 2016. Since then, DBooking has offered various solutions to improve communication procedures in the tourism industry by developing proper communication infrastructure for accommodation and sales centers and by expanding its activities.