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Hotel & Agency Sales Channel Management

DBooking is an online solution for contacting hotels (or accommodations)  to travel agencies. This system reduces costs and increases the efficiency of hotels (accommodations) and travel agencies and leads to better management of connection with tourism chains by replacing the traditional communication methods with the new ones. Hotel information such as prices and room capacities transfers to travel agencies and the opposite, reservation data from travel agencies transfers to hotels, online, via this system. From the hotel’s side, this system is responsible for managing various sales channels including agencies and also updating these channels and recording all the reservations precisely. On the other side, travel agencies use this system to manage provider channels which helps them handle their interactions based on the quality and the value that hotel is given to their business.

Hotel & Agency Channel Manager Features

Simplifying online booking process

Diverse financial facilities

Connectable to hotelier Softwares

Business Intelligence

Managing and increasing sales

Reducing costs besides mistakes